Handling “Maximum Call Stack Size Exceeded” in jQuery Calx

When you are building your web based calculator using jQuery Calx, it is a bit hard to track which cell refer to which cell, and sometimes circular reference occurred where some cell refer to itself, causing infinite loop of calculation operation and exceed the maximum call stack that can be handled by the javascript engine.

For example:

A1 is a cell with some value
B1 is a cell with formula = A1+D1
C1 is a cell with formula = B1+10
D1 is a cell with formula = C1*3

In this case, when B1 is calculated, it will calculate it’s dependencies first, which is A1 and […]

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jQuery Calx 2.1.0 released

Dear All,

We have just released jQuery Calx update tagged as 2.1.0. This release introduce new single method named setValue into jQuery Calx.

You can use it to set the cell value without rendering it and calculate the sheet manually, the old way of setting the cell value is look like this

using the new method, it can be rewritten as

Those will render the value immediately, set the internal reference, and calculate the sheet if autoCalculate option is enabled.

As usual, any feedback from you is much appreciated :)


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WP-Calx Form Builder – Build calculation form in wordpress with ease

Dear All,

We just want to inform you, that we are currently in progress of building a wordpress plugin for jQuery Calx. It is kind of form builder, but specially designed and crafted to work seamlessly with jQuery Calx. The frontend form builder is around 90% completed, and will start to work on the backend once it finished.

Once it completed, you can install it on your wordpress site, and built calculation form on wordpress as easy as drag and drop the form component, and set the cell address, formula, formatting on the element properties box.

To display it on your page, […]

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jQuery Calx 2.0.3 – HotFix release

jQuery Calx just reached version 2.0.3, this release is a hotfix of some bugs known on the previous version, here is the list of the changes made on this release:

Fix checkbox behaviour, when the checkbox is unchecked, calculation is not updated
Fix input with % in data-format attribute, so it parse correctly after update and refresh
Fix refresh and update method, so it works perfectly on dynamic form
Instalable via bower bower install jquery-calx

You can grab the latest release here

Please file an issue on github issue tracker if you found any problems when using jQuery Calx:

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Announcing jQuery Calx 2.x Lite edition

While developing the standard version of jQuery Calx 2.x, we add more and more features to the core, and import some features from another library to be integrated to the core. The most feature-set imported is formula from formula.js, until we realize that the raw codebase was sized ~300kb and the minified one is ~100kb when all feature is included.

We realize that most user will not use all formula function available in jQuery Calx in their codebase, as the alternative, we are announcing the development of jQuery Calx 2.x-lite which only has some basic feature and most used formula […]

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jQuery Calx 2.0 finally released

After months of developments, and a year after the latest release, finally jQuery Calx 2.0 is now released. The core is rewritten from the scratch, but I feel it is still far from perfect.

At the first time, we are planning to release it as closed source, but after long discussion with the team, I finally decided to release it as open-source plugin as we feel jQuery Calx will grow faster and more stable with support from the community. If you are interested in contributing to jQuery Calx development, here is the Github repo:

You can fork it, and start your […]

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SlimStarter – Slim Starter Application in MVC Environment

I have been laravel user for a year and half, since Laravel 4 beta was published. I love how it handle things with simple and elegant syntax, make a lot difficult task done faster, and easier. Laravel is great when I need to build middle-to-large project. But then I feel it is too bloated when I work on simple project, so I start looking at simpler solution using micro-framework like Slim or Silex to build my simple project.

I start with Slim and start to search composer package to create simple MVC environment with Slim. Since Slim only provide dependency […]

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jQuery Calx Updated to 1.1.9

jQuery Calx is now updated to version 1.1.9, this release fix several bugs exists in previous version, also added some new feature.

Remove missing element from the matrix registry when performing re-scan of dynamic form
Remove calx reference from the form when calx is detached and remove it’s related matrix registry
Add OR and AND operator to process two or more logic condition inside IF statement
Add “round” to calx option to determine how many decimal place displayed when textbox is focused

You can download the 1.1.9 update from github here :
or get the latest update here

I am happy to hear […]

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jQuery Calx Updated to Version 1.1.4

jQuery Calx is now updated to version 1.1.4.

This update revision fix several bugs found in both IE 7 and IE 8, as version 1.1.2 did not work at all when accessed using both IE 7 and IE 8.

You can download the latest update here or try Calx in action here

Your feedback will be much appreciated ;)

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jQuery Calx Updated to Version 1.1.2

jQuery Calx is now updated to version 1.1.2 with minor revision and small bug fix

input with percentage format now parse 10 as 0.1, instead of typing 0.1 to get 10 %, just type 10 to get 10%
input with data-format attribute will be registered to the matrix, even not involved by any formula
work well with dynamically updated form and refactoring cell iterator

You can download the updated version from github

Any feedback and contribution to improve this plugin will be much appreciated ;)

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