jQuery Calx 2.2.5 Released!

jQuery Calx is now reached version 2.2.5 and bring several bug fix and improvement since 2.2.0, and here is list of changes that has been made on jQuery Calx Fix registerVariable Fix calx refresh Fix bug on SUMPRODUCT formula function Fix bug on VLOOKUP formula function Fix incompatibility with IE Add feature to register cell without creating html element to be bound with the cell object You can now strip-out hidden element on your html file that act as proxy cell, and create cell directly by passing cell info into data section in the calx configuration. <form id="calx"> <input data-cell="B1"> [...]

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jQuery Calx 2.2.0 Released

We are happy to announce new release of jQuery Calx, tagged under version 2.2.0. This release introduce new single feature to enable you to pass formula, value, and format upon calx initialization instead write up data-formula and data-format directly into html which make the html size bigger and non-cacheable on dynamically generated page, but the data-cell attribute is still required. You can pass the cell formula, format, and value into data key of the calx configuration object <form id="calx"> <table> <tr> <td><input data-cell="A1"></td> <td><input data-cell="A2"></td> <td><input data-cell="A3"></td> <td><input data-cell="A4"></td> <td><input data-cell="A5"></td> <td><input data-cell="A6"></td> <td><input data-cell="A7"></td> <td><input data-cell="A8"></td> <td><input data-cell="A9"></td> <td><input [...]

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We Need Your Support for WP-Calx Development

What is WP-Calx Few weeks ago, we are announcing the initial development of wp-calx, a wordpress plugin that use jQuery Calx in its core to help users create their calculator with wordpress easier. WP-Calx is kind of form builder, but with additional feature to integrate seamlessly with jquery-calx, so you can build your own custom calculator by yourself just by drag and drop the form element and setting the formula. To get the big picture of how it works, you can review the first prototype here: http://prototype.xsanisty.com/calx2/builder/ How I can help? If you are interested in supporting the development of [...]

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Handling “Maximum Call Stack Size Exceeded” in jQuery Calx

When you are building your web based calculator using jQuery Calx, it is a bit hard to track which cell refer to which cell, and sometimes circular reference occurred where some cell refer to itself, causing infinite loop of calculation operation and exceed the maximum call stack that can be handled by the javascript engine. For example: A1 is a cell with some value B1 is a cell with formula = A1+D1 C1 is a cell with formula = B1+10 D1 is a cell with formula = C1*3 In this case, when B1 is calculated, it will calculate it's dependencies [...]

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jQuery Calx 2.1.0 released

Dear All, We have just released jQuery Calx update tagged as 2.1.0. This release introduce new single method named setValue into jQuery Calx. You can use it to set the cell value without rendering it and calculate the sheet manually, the old way of setting the cell value is look like this $('#sheet').getCell('A1').setValue('100').renderComputedValue(); $('#sheet').calx('calculate') using the new method, it can be rewritten as $('#sheet').calx('setValue', 'A1', '100'); Those will render the value immediately, set the internal reference, and calculate the sheet if autoCalculate option is enabled. As usual, any feedback from you is much appreciated :) Thanks

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WP-Calx Form Builder – Build calculation form in wordpress with ease

Dear All, We just want to inform you, that we are currently in progress of building a wordpress plugin for jQuery Calx. It is kind of form builder, but specially designed and crafted to work seamlessly with jQuery Calx. The frontend form builder is around 90% completed, and will start to work on the backend once it finished. Once it completed, you can install it on your wordpress site, and built calculation form on wordpress as easy as drag and drop the form component, and set the cell address, formula, formatting on the element properties box. To display it on [...]

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