While developing the standard version of jQuery Calx 2.x, we add more and more features to the core, and import some features from another library to be integrated to the core. The most feature-set imported is formula from formula.js, until we realize that the raw codebase was sized ~300kb and the minified one is ~100kb when all feature is included.

We realize that most user will not use all formula function available in jQuery Calx in their codebase, as the alternative, we are announcing the development of jQuery Calx 2.x-lite which only has some basic feature and most used formula like SUM, IF and basic math.

The released version of jQuery Calx 2.x-lite will be tagged in ‘lite’ branch of jQuery Calx repository https://github.com/xsanisty/jquery-calx/tree/lite, and the development will be in lite-develop branch https://github.com/xsanisty/jquery-calx/tree/lite-develop