SlimStarter – Slim Starter Application in MVC Environment

I have been laravel user for a year and half, since Laravel 4 beta was published. I love how it handle things with simple and elegant syntax, make a lot difficult task done faster, and easier. Laravel is great when I need to build middle-to-large project. But then I feel it is too bloated when I work on simple project, so I start looking at simpler solution using micro-framework like Slim or Silex to build my simple project. I start with Slim and start to search composer package to create simple MVC environment with Slim. Since Slim only provide dependency [...]

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jQuery Calx Updated to 1.1.9

jQuery Calx is now updated to version 1.1.9, this release fix several bugs exists in previous version, also added some new feature. Remove missing element from the matrix registry when performing re-scan of dynamic form Remove calx reference from the form when calx is detached and remove it's related matrix registry Add OR and AND operator to process two or more logic condition inside IF statement Add "round" to calx option to determine how many decimal place displayed when textbox is focused You can download the 1.1.9 update from github here : or get the latest update here I [...]

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jQuery Calx Updated to Version 1.1.4

jQuery Calx is now updated to version 1.1.4. This update revision fix several bugs found in both IE 7 and IE 8, as version 1.1.2 did not work at all when accessed using both IE 7 and IE 8. You can download the latest update here or try Calx in action here Your feedback will be much appreciated ;)

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jQuery Calx Updated to Version 1.1.2

jQuery Calx is now updated to version 1.1.2 with minor revision and small bug fix input with percentage format now parse 10 as 0.1, instead of typing 0.1 to get 10 %, just type 10 to get 10% input with data-format attribute will be registered to the matrix, even not involved by any formula work well with dynamically updated form and refactoring cell iterator You can download the updated version from github Any feedback and contribution to improve this plugin will be much appreciated ;)

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jQuery-Calx Updated to Version 1.1.0 Beta

After more than a week working on calx and do some testing with it, now I can proudly present the jQuery-Calx update, It has more new feature and more stable since the alpha version. Since this is in beta version, I am awaiting for your feedback to make the Calx more stable and of course, useful. Feature Change There is lot of new feature added to this version of Calx, such as aggregate function and conditional statement, and here is the complete list: Added conditional statement support, just write IF([condition],[true],[false]). You may also write nested conditional statement as deep as [...]

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Installing alx Module for Atheros Ethernet Card in Kernel 3.8.x

Just try to write my own note here for my future reference, but I think it won't be useful if I keep it myself. I realized that after upgrading the kernel to version 3.8.8, I can't found my ethernet card detected. Even if I have broadcom wifi installed and already set up wifi network at home, ethernet card sometimes required when I need to visit my client's office where wifi network is unavailable. As usual, after googling for a while, I found that host backport driver. you can found it here Just browse parent directory to find the [...]

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Building Advanced Calculation form using jQuery Calx

Recently I have a lot of task from my several client that ask me to convert their excel spreadsheet into fully working web based apps. Everything is fine when I build the form using standard jQuery event to trigger the calculation, getting value from each field, pass the calculation result to the target field, etc. But things become very slow and make my browser not responsive when the form contain lot of field and the calculation script start their work, triggering blur event on every field that need to be calculated, etc, etc, till I  noticed that I was the [...]

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