jQuery Calx Updated to Version 1.1.2

jQuery Calx is now updated to version 1.1.2 with minor revision and small bug fix input with percentage format now parse 10 as 0.1, instead of typing 0.1 to get 10 %, just type 10 to get 10% input with data-format attribute will be registered to the matrix, even not involved by any formula work well with dynamically updated form and refactoring cell iterator You can download the updated version from github https://github.com/ikhsan017/calx/archive/1.1.2.zip Any feedback and contribution to improve this plugin will be much appreciated ;)

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jQuery-Calx Updated to Version 1.1.0 Beta

After more than a week working on calx and do some testing with it, now I can proudly present the jQuery-Calx update, It has more new feature and more stable since the alpha version. Since this is in beta version, I am awaiting for your feedback to make the Calx more stable and of course, useful. Feature Change There is lot of new feature added to this version of Calx, such as aggregate function and conditional statement, and here is the complete list: Added conditional statement support, just write IF([condition],[true],[false]). You may also write nested conditional statement as deep as [...]

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Building Advanced Calculation form using jQuery Calx

Recently I have a lot of task from my several client that ask me to convert their excel spreadsheet into fully working web based apps. Everything is fine when I build the form using standard jQuery event to trigger the calculation, getting value from each field, pass the calculation result to the target field, etc. But things become very slow and make my browser not responsive when the form contain lot of field and the calculation script start their work, triggering blur event on every field that need to be calculated, etc, etc, till I  noticed that I was the [...]

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