Just try to write my own note here for my future reference, but I think it won’t be useful if I keep it myself.

I realized that after upgrading the kernel to version 3.8.8, I can’t found my ethernet card detected. Even if I have broadcom wifi installed and already set up wifi network at home, ethernet card sometimes required when I need to visit my client’s office where wifi network is unavailable.


As usual, after googling for a while, I found that kernel.org host backport driver. you can found it here https://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/projects/backports/2013/03/28/compat-drivers-2013-03-28-5-u.tar.bz2. Just browse parent directory to find the latest update.

How to Install

The first step, you need to download the driver archive mentioned above, it’s not a big file, around 6-7 Mb. Use any download manager to download it, I am using wget here

After the download is finished, just extract it using any archive manager you prefer


change current directory to the directory where the archives are extracted, select the alx driver, and make


after finish compiling the source, run make install and modprobe alx (reboot when necessary)


After rebooting your machine, you should see your ethernet card detected and enabled