jQuery Calx is now reached version 2.2.5 and bring several bug fix and improvement since 2.2.0, and here is list of changes that has been made on jQuery Calx

  • Fix registerVariable
  • Fix calx refresh
  • Fix bug on SUMPRODUCT formula function
  • Fix bug on VLOOKUP formula function
  • Fix incompatibility with IE
  • Add feature to register cell without creating html element to be bound with the cell object

You can now strip-out hidden element on your html file that act as proxy cell, and create cell directly by passing cell info into data section in the calx configuration.

<form id="calx">
    <input data-cell="B1">

    data : {
         'A1' : { value: 100 },
         'A2' : { value: 200 },
         'A3' : { value: 150 },
         'A4' : { value: 50 },
         'B1' : { formula: 'SUM(A1:A4)' },

When initializing calx as shown above, the cell B1 will receive ‘500’ as the result of the calculation.

That’s all, and as always, any feedback from you is much appreciated!