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jQuery Calx

jQuery Calx is a jQuery plugin for building calculation page, it bring spreadsheet functionality into web page without bringing the spreadsheet interface, enable you to build web based calculator based on your excel spreadsheet.

Slim Starter

Slim Starter is a starter application built on the top of Slim framework, Eloquent ORM, and Twig template engine, it also shipped with Cartalyst Sentry for user authentication and group management, enable you to build application quickly.

jQuery Load Indicator

jQuery Loading Indicator is simple and small jQuery plugin for displaying loading indicator over the page. It useful when you need to tell user that something is still processed in the background by displaying spinning icon over the page.

Silex Starter

Silex Starter is our next project, it is another basic starter application built on the top of Silex Framework, Eloquent ORM, and Twig Template Engine. Built with modular approach in mind, so you can just drop module into the application.