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This is the composer friendly fork of

LoginRadius PHP SDK is a development kit that lets you integrate Social Login such as Facebook, Google, Twitter and over 20 more on a PHP website. The SDK also fetches user profile data and can be customized from your LoginRadius user account. Ex: social icon sets, login interface, provider settings, etc.


Just add “xsanisty/loginradius” : “dev-master” to “require” field in composer.json

Example Code

Steps to call the library:

Sample code for authentication and get basic profile data


Advance features (for Paid customers only)

LoginRadius generate a unique session token, when user logs in with any of social network. The lifetime of LoginRadius token is 15 mins, get/Save this Token to call this API.

LoginRadius Contacts API

You can use this API to fetch contacts from users social networks/email clients – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Yahoo.


LoginRadius Status API


LoginRadius Posts API

You can use this API to get posts from users social networks – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn


Get Twitter Mentions

You can use this API to get mentions from users social network – Twitter.


Facebook Groups

You can use this API to get groups from users social network – Facebook.


Get LinkedIn follow companies

You can use this API to get followed companies list from users social network – LinkedIn.


LoginRadius direct message API

You can use this API to send direct message.




  1. Martin April 29, 2014 at 4:38 pm - Reply

    Could You make a Slim Framework integration?

    • ikhsan April 29, 2014 at 6:05 pm - Reply

      Sure, You can include it in composer.json and it ready to use with Slim

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