This is the composer friendly fork of

LoginRadius PHP SDK is a development kit that lets you integrate Social Login such as Facebook, Google, Twitter and over 20 more on a PHP website. The SDK also fetches user profile data and can be customized from your LoginRadius user account. Ex: social icon sets, login interface, provider settings, etc.


Just add “xsanisty/loginradius” : “dev-master” to “require” field in composer.json

Example Code

"require" : {
    "xsanisty/loginradius" : "dev-master"

Steps to call the library:

 1. On the code behind of callback page, create an object of LoginRadius class and pass secret key and the token.
 2. If success, call getData method to get user's profile data.
[For Premium paid plans: You can call getData method to get Extended user profile data.] visit the link for more information to get list of data:

Sample code for authentication and get basic profile data


require_once __DIR__.'/../vendor/autoload.php';
use LoginRadius\LoginRadius;

$secret = 'your-login-radius-secret';

//save token in session
    $_SESSION['token'] = $_POST['token'];
    $_SESSION['token'] = isset($_SESSION['token']) ? $_SESSION['token'] : '';

$token = $_SESSION['token'];

$loginRadius = new LoginRadius($secret, $token);
$userData = $loginRadius->getData();

Advance features (for Paid customers only)

LoginRadius generate a unique session token, when user logs in with any of social network. The lifetime of LoginRadius token is 15 mins, get/Save this Token to call this API.

LoginRadius Contacts API

You can use this API to fetch contacts from users social networks/email clients – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Yahoo.



LoginRadius Status API


//post status
$response = $loginRadius->status->postStatus(array(
    'to' => '',
    'title' => '',
    'url' => '',
    'imageurl' => '',
    'status' => '',
    'caption' => '',
    'description' => ''

if($response === true){
    echo 'Message posted successfully.'; }
    echo $response->errormessage;
    echo 'Error in message post.';

//get status
$status = $loginRadius->status->getStatus();

LoginRadius Posts API

You can use this API to get posts from users social networks – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn


//get posts
$posts = $loginRadius->post->getPosts();

Get Twitter Mentions

You can use this API to get mentions from users social network – Twitter.


$mentions = $loginRadius->status->getMentions();

Facebook Groups

You can use this API to get groups from users social network – Facebook.


$groups = $loginRadius->group->getGroups();

Get LinkedIn follow companies

You can use this API to get followed companies list from users social network – LinkedIn.


$companies = $loginRadius->company->getCompany();

LoginRadius direct message API

You can use this API to send direct message.


$response = $loginRadius->message->sendMessage($to,$subject,$message);
if($response === true){
        echo 'Message sent successfully.';
        echo $response->errormessage;
        echo 'Error in sending message.';