Illustration of what you can build with SlimStarter


SlimStarter is perfect solution for bootstrapping small-to-middle web application, provide HMVC environment in small footprint, with only around ~4MB in file size. Built on the top of well established Slim Framework, powered by Eloquent ORM on database layer, and Twig template engine on presentation layer.

By default, SlimStarter is packed with ready to expand admin dashboard, built on sleek and professional customized SB Admin theme.  It also shipped with basic application feature such as User and Group Manager powered by Cartalyst Sentry, which support banning, throttling, user activation, remember me, and forgot password feature.


SlimStarter can be installed in various way, but I recommend composer for installing SlimStarter.

Install via Composer

If you have composer installed, you can install SlimStarter as easy as below.

$ composer create-project xsanisty/slim-starter --stability="dev"

If  above step doesn’t work, you can manually clone the github repo, and run composer install

$ git clone .
$ composer install